Portraits of a City

In “Portraits of a City,” Anja photographed immigrants living in Salzburg, Austria, photographing one person each from as many countries as could be found, in locations of their choice. The project was commissioned by the Salzburg Szene Festival, and the photos were shown in a large-scale outdoor exhibition, on two bridges in the center of town and along the river Salzach. A catalogue was published as part of this show. There were 120 photos in the exhibition (Anja shared this project with photographer Anusha S. Yadav); this set of images is a selection of Anja's photos.

“Normalzeit” Book Project

I was commissioned to create portraits of 11 Austrian artists, as well as document them in their creative process, for the recently published book Normalzeit. The artists each created a new work out of an old Viennese landmark: the huge, four-faced, cube-shaped clocks installed high above the city streets. Thanks to the team at Lichterloh for inviting me to be part of this wonderful book!

Music CD Covers

Photos for a variety of CD covers, mainly for Jazz records.

Graffiti Portraits

Choreographer David Zambrano invited me to create portraits in San José, Costa Rica, of his 50 workshop participants from 36 countries. I asked each dancer to spontaneously pick the graffiti they related to most — it was fascinating to see what they selected.

50 Villages

David Zambrano’s “50 Villages” project took a small, international group of exceptional performers to 50 small villages around the world, to perform in main squares, farmers markets and schools. I’ve collaborated with David for many years, and I was glad to have the opportunity to document the tours through Costa Rica, South Korea, Poland and Slovenia. David was accompanied by two wonderful performers—Edivaldo Ernesto and Horacio Macuacua—both from Mozambique. In Korea the three dancers were joined by Young Cool Park (Seoul) and in Slovenia by Nina Fajdiga (Ljubljana). David Zambrano's mission in life is to bring people from all over the world together through dance and this project is the perfect example of that.